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BirdSongId: Bird Song Identification

Bird Song Identification in iTunes

Bird Song Id - Dave Farrow's Guide to Garden Birds - helps you identify garden birds by their songs and calls, and lets you make your own recordings too. It is available in smartphone and tablet formats. The songs and calls of seventy four species of garden birds are included.

Manual Identification

Manual Identification is available for all species. This is where the user listens to a bird singing and answers a few simple questions about what they are hearing, the app then scores each species and presents a sorted list to help determine which bird it is.

Automatic Recognition

An early trial version of our Automatic Recognition feature is included for common garden bird species. It is early days in our development of this technology.

Only devices with a microphone will be able to use Automatic Recognition, and patience is required to get a good quality recording to analyse. Automatic Recognition takes place on the device, no connection to the internet or mobile network is needed.

For help and further information follow this link: Automatic Recognition Help

To see a demo of Automatic Recognition:

Auto Rec

To see a video with advice for using Automatic Recognition:

Auto Rec Issues

Professional quality content

Isoperla worked alongside Dave Farrow and Robin Chittenden to create this app. Dave is one of the leading bird song specialists in the British Isles, and has published several books including the popular 'Field Guide to the Bird Songs and Call of Britain and Northern Europe'. Robin is a widely known and well respected wildlife photographer.

If you have any questions, or want to talk to us about our products feel free to do so through our support email address.

Bird Song Id is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is an evolving product, and you get free upgrades.

User group:
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Buy BirdSongId for the iPhone or iPad:

Log on to iTunes and select the iTunes Store. Enter Bird Song Id or Isoperla in the search box.

Or click on the following link to launch our app page in iTunes: BirdSongId in iTunes