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OrchidId: Orchid Identification

OrchidId: Orchid Identification in iTunes

OrchidId is a field guide to the wild orchids of the British Isles. For identification the app asks a short series of questions about the species. Ecological, conservation, distribution and taxonomy details are presented for all species.

Users can tell us about flowers they see in the wild using the app. All user sightings are recorded and displayed on our sightings map.

If you have any questions, or want to talk to us about our products feel free to do so through our support email address.

Free Upgrades:
OrchidId is an evolving product, and you get free upgrades.

User group:
Join our user group and get emails regarding updates, participate in forums and contribute to future releases. Email us for details.

Buy OrchidId for the iPhone or iPad:

Log on to iTunes and select the iTunes Store. Enter OrchidId or Isoperla in the search box.

Or click on the following link to launch our app page in iTunes: OrchidId in iTunes