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WinterTreeId: British Tree Identification in Winter

WinterTreeId: Winter Tree Identification in iTunes

WinterTreeId is a winter field guide to trees found growing in open countryside and natural woodland of the British Isles, with all native species covered. It is available in smartphone and tablet formats.

All native British tree species are covered, naturalised species are covered too.

WinterTreeId: Winter Tree Identification in You Tube

Tree detail can be accessed from an easy to use list, or the identification forms can be used. For identification the app asks a short series of questions about the tree. Based on the answers, it calculates and displays a short list of the most likely trees it will be. The user is given an estimated percentage likelihood that the tree is correct. Clicking on a tree in the list displays details about the tree. Trees can also be compared.

If you have an internet connection on your device you can send us a photo and comment about particular trees that are of interest to you, these sightings can be viewed on a map. However, the app does not need an internet connection as all content is downloaded when the app is purchased.

Features included in this release: Summary, Height, Shape, Bark, Buds, Branching.

Detail included in this release: Family, Genus, Native Species, Introduced Species, Notes, Status, Distribution, Ecological Value, Typical Location, Soil Preference, Timber, Firewood, Diseases, Medicinal and other uses.

Buy Winter TreeId for the iPhone or iPad:

Log on to iTunes and select the iTunes Store. Enter TreeId in the search box. Ours is the one named Winter TreeId

Or click on the following link to launch our app page in iTunes: Winter TreeId in iTunes